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The Essential English Word List: 1000 Basic Words for Beginners and Intermediate Learners - A to F

If you're starting to learn English, it can be overwhelming to try to remember all of the new words and phrases you need to know. That's why focusing on essential words is important.

In this blog post series, we're sharing free vocabulary books in pdf format containing 1000 common English words for beginners and intermediate learners. Every word comes with definitions and example sentences.

Link to download the free pdf file - Basic English Vocabulary - Volume 1 - A to F
Download PDF • 412KB

For your convenience, below is the list of the words in this volume.


a, able, about, above, across, act, actor, active, activity, add, afraid, after, again, age, ago, agree, air, all, alone, along, already, always, am, amount, an, and, angry, another, answer, any, anyone, anything, anytime, appear, apple, are, area, arm, army, around, arrive, art, as, ask, at, attack, aunt, autumn, away.


baby, base, back, bad, bag, ball, bank, basket, bath, be, bean, bear, beautiful, beer, bed, bedroom, behave, before, begin, behind, bell, below, besides, best, better, between, big, bird, birth, birthday, bit, bite, black, bleed, block, blood, blow, blue, board, boat, body, boil, bone, book, border, born, borrow, both, bottle, bottom, bowl, box, boy, branch, brave, bread, break, breakfast, breathe, bridge, bright, bring, brother, brown, brush, build, burn, business, bus, busy, but, buy, by, bundle.


cake, call, can, candle, cap, car, card, care, careful, careless, carry, case, cat, catch, central, century, certain, chair, chance, change, chase, cheap, cheese, chicken, child, children, chocolate, choice, choose, circle, city, class, clever, clean, clear, climb, clock, cloth, clothes, cloud, cloudy, close, coffee, coat, coin, cold, collect, colour, comb, come, comfortable, common, compare, complete, computer, condition, continue, control, cook, cool, copper, corn, corner, correct, cost, contain, count, country, course, cover, crash, cross, cry, cup, cupboard, cut.


dance, danger, dangerous, dark, daughter, day, dead, decide, decrease, deep, deer, depend, desk, destroy, develop, die, different, difficult, dinner, direction, dirty, discover, dish, do, dog, door, double, down, draw, dream, dress, drink, drive, drop, dry, duck, dust, duty, destroy, dedicated.


each, ear, early, earn, earth, east, easy, eat, education, effect, egg, eight, either, electric, elephant, else, empty, end, enemy, enjoy, enough, enter, equal, entrance, escape, even, evening, event, ever, every, everyone, exact, everybody, examination, example, except, excited, exercise, expect, expensive, explain, extremely, eye.


face, fact, fail, fall, false, family, famous, far, farm, father, fast, fat, fault, fear, feed, feel, female, fever, few, fight, fill, film, find, fine, finger, finish, fire, first, fit, five, fix, flag, flat, float, floor, flour, flower, fly, fold, food, fool, foot, football, for, force, foreign, forest, forget, forgive, fork, form, fox, four, free, freedom, freeze, fresh, friend, friendly, from, front, fruit, full, fun, funny, furniture, further, future.

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