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Learn English
Faster Than Ever!

The best app to help you master English with just 15 minutes per day.

How It Works

BEFL offers English learners a natural learning experience. The app has proven strategies to help you acquire English much faster and have fun all along. 

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Fun Contents

1000+ movies, stories, daily conversations, and news by native speakers. We have it all. 

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Gamified Learning

Score points and earn rewards as your learn.


Practice All Skills

Listen, speak, read, and write. Acquire all skills in one app.

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Easy Translation

Tap any word to see its definition in your native language without leaving your lessons.

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Smart Vocabulary

Become fluent faster by focusing on the 5000 most useful English words selected by Oxford University.

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Personalized Feedback

Get instant feedback from AI to improve your speaking and writing.

Try Befl for Free!

Take your English to the next level and achieve your goals today.

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